The Valley by the River

The Valley by the River is my first international book series for children, in 9 languages in total. I am most happy to be able to present it as an audio book, print version and as an e-book. You are welcome to be enchanted too 🙂

My Children’s Books

The Valley by the River - All Kinds of Surprises

The Valley by the River – All Kinds of Surprises

In the second book of Valley by the River, the five friends experience more wonderful adventures and are happy to share them with you.

The Valley by the River - Five Friends

The Valley by the River – Five Friends

My first international book in a total of 9 languages, with print version, audio book and e-book. I am definitely very proud of that.

Crime novel Lubina Hajduk

Blue Beans

This is a real thriller for all those who speak Sorbian. It is set in a sports milieu, but I won’t tell you any more than that. I also like to write Sorbian short stories or novels for adults.

What makes my children’s books so beautiful?

When I develop a new children’s book, I give the characters time to grow and come alive in my head. They then have their own individual character just like we humans do and react differently to certain situations. I also feel very connected and close to the world of children, fortunately I can still see the world through a child’s eyes and that always surprises me anew.

Impressions of my children’s books

Sorbian children's book - Juliana
Sorbian children's book - Lubina Hajduk
Film translation into Sorbian
Horse Children's Book by Lubina Hajduk
Branko and Lubina reading together
The Valley by the River - All Kinds of Surprises
Special moments in Lubina's life

What fascinates me about animal stories?

What fascinates me about animal stories is that they are one step further away from our “real” lives. I give my animal characters many human characteristics, but they often find their own creative solutions to questions and challenges. Just as the children of the future will always find new solutions of their own, so that the world will continue to develop.

As readers, we encounter an animal with a lot of trust and sympathy, which makes it easier for us to accept the whole range of character traits. Animals can help children to compare and name their experiences. For young children especially it is easier to identify with them. This is about basic themes such as friendship or certain fears, which are presented embedded in the animal world. Children always need new stories in which the themes that occupy them are varied.

That’s why I think it’s nice that the two curious mice Mirka and Kiki and the rabbit Ferdi are now part of it. I found it exciting that the illustrator intuitively understood and realised the characteristics of the animals very clearly, even though he lives in a different culture. This made it clear to me once again that the stories and also the characters from the Valley by the River have an intercultural effect and are understood. That’s why it’s good that they are now being published in many languages – I’m looking forward to the feedback.

– Lubina Hajduk

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