Nice to have you on my website! I am Lubina Hajduk, a children’s author from Lusatia, and publish international books with my son. Why don’t you also take a look at our children’s books 🙂


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My latest children’s book:

The Valley by the River - All Kinds of Surprises

The Valley by the River – All Kinds of Surprises

In the second book of Valley by the River, the five friends experience more wonderful adventures and are happy to share them with you. WWhat is an opera rabbit looking for by the river? Will Ferdi find his way home again? And who is that calling loudly for help? Come along too and let’s find out what’s happening to the mice Mirka and Kiki, Ferdi the rabbit, Dorian the badger and Luna the owl. Welcome to the Valley by the River!

About me and Branko

Lubina Hajduk and Branko Hajduk

I am Lubina Hajduk and I have been writing children’s books and radio plays for over twenty years now. So far I have published a lot in Sorbian and have been able to build my wonderful worlds. Branko encouraged me to bring my texts to other countries as well, and so we now publish in nine languages. My favourite food is porridge and I like teaching Sorbian.

Lubina and Branko - Childrenbooks

I have been writing children’s texts and books for over twenty years, so far mainly in Sorbian. Now we have ventured together into the international market and are looking forward to curious readers all over the world. And for me it’s nice to learn and get to know so many new things.

Lubina Hajduk

Writer and children's author

When I moved to Hamburg at the beginning of 2021, we wanted to keep in touch and our project was born out of this love, we just wanted to do something together and try it out.

Branko Hajduk

Producer and publisher

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